Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A rabbi's Pre-Pesach 2009 list

A Mother in Israel posts her list of Pesach to-do items.

The Talmid, commenting on a recent post of mine, mentions his own pre-Yom Tov lists.

So here's my own pre-Pesach list - it doesn't include derashot and shiurim for Pesach, just the other types of fun that rabbis can have in preparing for Pesach. It's a random list of chores, assembled over the years:

* Arrange barrel for burning of Chametz in the shul lot
* Prepare materials and documents for the sale
* Have custodian clean out the storage room behind the stage from all chametz
* After sale of chametz, put up "Sold" signs on shul areas containing chametz
* Prepare letter re: post-Pesach Chametz for mailing
* Arrange Pesach kiddush cup and bottle of wine for shul
* Put flyers for post-Pesach events into Pesach bulletin
* Talk to Sisterhood about selling their chametz
* Update yardwork file to list days when landscapers can't come
* Put Pesach schedule and bulletin on website
* Remind ______________ to delegate me to sell her Chametz (she wants to be reminded)
* Arrange Chametz Drive for Second Harvest
* Set up schedule to learn for Siyyum Bechorim
* Fill out forms for the Shul's chametz
* Arrange pre-Pesach Friday night dinner, if there will be one
* Make sure trash cans will be emptied pre-Bedikah at Shul
* Annual pre-Pesach letter announcing which Jewish stores have, and have not, sold their chametz
* Figure out a plan of which Sefer Torah to use when and roll when. Can do well if you start with 1 at Pinchas, 1 at Emor, 1 at Bo.
* Remind mashgiach to take care of Weis and JCC sales
* Arrange sales, for the 13th and 14th of Nisan ,with our purchaser
* Set up Yizkor display for last days of Yom Tov; change back afterward
* Announce men's Mikvah times for Erev Pesach
* Prepare a pre-Pesach “cleaning for Pesach” class
* Contact people to see if they need Maos Chitim
* Prepare Haggadah class for Shabbat haGadol
* When placing the Matzah order, ask them for the wholesale price and confirm what it is
* Remind people to check new clothes for Shatnez, and to clean out Chametz from lockers/Shtenders
* Check which kiddush items are, and are not, Mezonot (since so many are potato starch)
* Clean out shul lockers from chametz
* Renew Eruv Chatzeirot
* Print out Omer chart to post in shul
* Get speakers for Shavuot night program - Adults and Teens

Yes, I do know how to delegate - but at this time of year, with so much going on, I take the shortcut and do it myself. Delegating is healthier, but I can't afford the time in the run-up to Pesach.

Now, if I could only find what I did with the list of items the esteemed Rebbetzin wants me to do... it was here somewhere...


  1. Wow, seeing your list makes me wonder what i am missing from my list...and that reminds me, where IS the list i gave my husband??

  2. Shorty-
    I'm sure it was longer than this one. The home always has a far longer list; I posted it only because others were posting theirs.

  3. Not to worry about misplacing the list the dear Rebbetzin gave to you. I am certain she kept a copy. Your only challenge is to admit to her that you lost her list.

  4. I'm still trying to figure out what Mother in israel DOES with 130 potatoes... \:)

  5. Dear Rabbi,

    I am so glad that I stumbled upon your blog. This is my first Passover and am thankful that I was able to read your list.

    This will be very helpful to me.

    Thank you.