Wednesday, March 18, 2009

CNN’s Nidal Rafa reveals her anti-Israel hatred for the world to see

Missiles, rocket fly between Israel, Gaza
Five Palestinian militants were wounded, one critically, when an Israeli missile hit a car in downtown Gaza City late Sunday, the sources said.
And one man was killed and seven others -- including three Hamas militants -- were wounded when Israeli aircraft attacked two cars early Sunday east of Rafah, in southern Gaza, Palestinian security and medical sources said.

Hebron mayor: Jewish settlers are terrorizing my city
HEBRON, West Bank (CNN) — Jewish settlers are on a “terror” rampage in the West Bank city of Hebron, angry over the Israeli military’s seizure of a disputed home, the city’s mayor said Thursday.
“What’s happening in Hebron is terror by the settlers,” the mayor, Khaled Osaily, told CNN’s Nidal Rafa. “They are attacking houses, setting fire to property and injuring people.”

Those are only a couple of the many stories run with contributions from Nidal Rafa, one of CNN’s Middle East producers, over the past several years.

Someone sensitive to potential bias might question the “Palestinian security and medical sources” cited in the former article, as well as the mayoral assessment in the second article.

That sensitive person would likely be silenced by others who would point to the CNN brand and say, “CNN is not some small news outlet without journalistic integrity and oversight!”

But that sensitive person would be quite correct; Nidal Rafa has now exposed, for all the world to see, her ugly hatred of Israel. In a video available here, Ms. Rafa does all but throw shoes at former Israeli Ambassador to the United States, Danny Ayalon. She abuses him, shouts profanity, refuses to allow him to respond, and generally makes a fool of herself, all in the name of the Palestinian cause.

Ms. Nadal refuses to recognize the United Nations when it fails to serve her propaganda needs. Ms. Nadal ignores history, particularly the point that Arab anti-Jew terrorism preceded any “occupation” in the West Bank or Gaza. She is interested only in assaulting the Jew standing before her.

Why did she crack that day? Who knows – I’m just grateful that Tom Gross was there to catch it.

Word is that Ms. Nadal has now been summarily canned. ‘Bout time, folks.


  1. eh, so you think her replacement will be a zionist? they'll probably hire someone even worse

  2. It is quite clear that when she talks about "occupation," she's talking about Israel. In her eyes, everything west of the Jordan is "occupied territory."