Friday, July 26, 2013

For Daf Yomi folks: Scalded bread

The gemara we are about to hit in Daf Yomi (Pesachim 37) talks quite a bit about bread made with "scalded flour" [חלוטה], either by pouring flour into boiling water or by pouring boiling water on to flour.

This is one of the many instances in which one can learn the gemara without having any clue what they are actually describing, but I prefer the interesting findings which turn up with a little research. In this case, take a look at this video; the key point starts at 1:03:

There is much more available on-line; with a little searching, you can find recipes as well as academic papers on the scalded flour phenomenon.

[And are those decorated breads at the start of the video examples of סריקי בייתוס...?]


  1. I'm curious now to know how big scalded bread was in Litvish Jewish cuisine. Which then sadly reminded me that all my grandparents are gone (3 out of 4 were Litvaks), and I can't just call and ask anymore.

    I first thought you meant the spiced bread, which is more pas haba bekisnin. But before typing (but after I told you to expect a comment), I caught the few seconds you meant.

    I pictured siruqei baisus was done more with using molds (breadforms), not adding decorative pieces in another dough. Something more like the picture at , or that you see the bakers emptying in the very first moments. And the halachic relevency being, the form conducts heat and keeps in moisture, so it rises differently.

  2. R' Micha-
    1. I tried that initially, but it wouldn't take "rel=0" as well as that, and "rel=0" is more important to me. [I'm leaving the comment in order to make that clear to other readers as well.]

    2. Srikei Baytus - לענ"ד, Rashi Pesachim 37a אפשר יעשה indicates the bread is formed in a mold, but the designs are added on top.

    1. Credit to R' Micha Berger - Thanks for your help in getting the video right.

    2. Correction - per that Rashi, the designs are formed in a mold, and then placed atop the bread.

  3. Can this be made in a microwave oven?