Monday, March 1, 2010

3-2, eh?

Okay, so the US lost the gold medal hockey game to the Canadians.

In overtime.

A measly one-goal differential.

After the US beat Canada 5-3 in an earlier game.

And after the US thrashed everyone else, beating Finland 6-1 in the semi-finals while Canada just squeaked by Slovakia (Slovakia!) 3-2.

But, yes, Canada took the gold medal. Fine. I can live with it.

I can even live with the guys who put a "We Won" poster on my door last night.

Especially with the following “Top Ten” list of responses to all of the “3-2, eh?” ribbing I’ve been taking:

10. I’m glad; this Olympic victory will definitely make our kollel even more attractive to prospective avrechim.

9. Okay, but when was the last time a Canadian team won the Stanley Cup? (Answer: 17 years ago, 1992-1993, Montreal Canadians – even though there are 6 Canadian teams out of 30 overall...)

8. The Olympics are treif Greek hedonism, anyway.

7. Great; hope that keeps you guys happy up here for the next four years or so.

6. The series MVP was an American! (Ryan Miller, and much-deserved I might add.)

5. Interesting to realize that only 2 members of the Canadian roster play on Canadian teams (Iginla and Luongo); the other 21 players are on American payrolls. Guess they really love the old Maple Leaf,huh?

4. Fine, you won, but you know that Sidney Crosby goes shopping at Target in the US, like every other Canadian, before heading home to Nova Scotia.

3. Does it really count as “owning the podium” if the US wins more medals than you?

2. And while we’re on the topic of medals, should we really be counting medals in Curling at all?

1. Huh? Was there an Olympics? I didn’t really hear much about it here in Toronto.

You just wait for Sochi…


  1. CA-NA-DA! CA-NA-DA!

  2. Jack-
    Yes - Especially because it was LA that lost to the Canadians back in 92-93...

    Anonymous 6:05 PM-
    Glad you've mastered the phonetics lesson...

  3. There is so much to say about the gold medal men’s ice hockey game at the 2010 Winter Olympics. First, as an American, I am disappointed with the outcome. However, I was impressed that the USA was able to force overtime. The game-tying goal was exciting to see, and I honestly didn’t expect the USA to score it. Luongo played very well in goal for Canada, but I am shocked Miller got the Olympic MVP Award. Giving the award to a player who lost the gold medal game is unusual, but he did keep the USA in the game and had a stellar tournament overall.

    Congratulations to Canada and I am at least glad the men did not celebrate in the same fashion that the Canadian women did when they won the gold medal. I am also happy that this game did not go to a shootout. That would have been an awful way to decide this game and the gold medal winner.