Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Without an Endgame, Mercaz haRav will happen again

Gd forbid, but I have to say it. Mercaz haRav will happen again, and we – the Religious Zionist camp – will share the blame. We haven't planned ahead, we haven't offered an Endgame strategy.

Crying and shouting and wailing is mourning, it's not a strategy.
Cliché sloganeering isn't a strategy, either.
Holding on for Mashiach is quite pious, but it's costing us a lot of blood. (Or are we trying to empty the Guf faster? Does that count as a strategy?)
Chest-thumping insistence that we should transfer the lot of 'em? Not a chance.

So while we righteously reject Olmert's deal-with-the-devil compromises, we don't offer a reasonable alternative. Which means that one of two things must happen, short of deus ex machina:
1) Olmert or some successor maneuvers to victory, or
2) The stalemate with the Arab world continues, bringing with it more Mercaz haRav massacres.
That's it – we haven't provided any other possibility.

So I wish some party would emerge with a compromise I could support. Not a compromise that hides betrayal, a la Olmert's tippy-toe-toward-Jerusalem, maybe-no-one-will-notice approach, but a real package deal that we could accept... and that they, those murderous, bloodthirsty terrorists, could accept as well.

Yes, they have to accept it, too. Consider the options: Outright war isn't going to happen, transfer isn't going to happen, and the Arabs aren't about to give up and walk away. Generations of terrorists have grown up in camps because Jordan, Syria, Egypt and Lebanon have insisted that they must do so. Those products of the camps have dehumanized us in their minds, because it's easier than blaming themselves. So they have no problem trying to kill us.

That situation isn't about to vanish. We need a deal that all parties can accept.

One might counter with the physician's rule, “First, do no harm.” Don't suggest a deal that will harm the patient; better to follow that conservative halachic dictum, shev v'al taaseh adif. But I don't think this is correct here – because the patient is bleeding as we speak, butchered by knives and suicide bombs and Kassam rockets and marauding machine gunners, and Gd only knows what they'll come up with next. In this case, to do nothing is to do harm.

I don't have any magic answers, maps with Area A through Area Q and proposals for deployment of UN pseudo-soldiers. I don't know whether the strategy will come from Likud or Kadima or NRP. All I know is that without an Endgame proposed by someone other than Olmert's camp, the future is bleak... and it includes more blood.


  1. It is time to take the fight to the Arabs. It is time to do more than threaten to bloody their nose.

    Now is the time to pound them mercilessly. Rain fire from the sky. Let them understand that their behavior is intolerable, unacceptable and will be met with swift and severe consequences.

    Israel must re-establish an air of invincibility and deterrence.

    That is not a long term answer/strategy. But it is the foundation for providing some stability and security.

    Israel isn't negotiating from strength. It has to change that.

  2. The "End Game" is 60 years old .

    Arabs can't stand jews .

    Arabs see our zionist regime as incompatible with their dictatorship values , culture , religion , ways of paganist life.

    The more dhimmitude-free jews
    they see forces arabs to fear ,
    and to walk away .

    "transfer the lot of 'em ? Not a chance."
    is a dhimmedias catch phrase promoting dhimmitude mentality in the form of submission to appeasement , concessions , compromises , goodwill gestures policies ect...,

    The lack of submission to such dhimmitude perfidy policies comes under fabricated baalism threats ,
    bully(sm), intimidations ,
    moral extortions , coercions , manipulations , pressures ect...

    Some westerners do it in return for petro-dollars deals ,
    others do it for the interests against Israel as The Jewish State and mainly against Jewish Temple Mount .

    is a misleading dhimmedias catch phrase,

    Example 'undermining peace efforts' means to subdue a Israeli restraint in the face of terror and dhimmitude , restraint becomes synonym of inaction .

    Polls already show arabs want to leave ,

    Check the poll as reported at http://maannews.net/en/index.php?opr=ShowDetails&ID=28313

    To invest some efforts , subsidize a little , market and vote such direction would do the job.

    The "End Game" is 60 years old .
    Aliya .

    Strenghten , vote , say yes to Aliya .

    Comprehend , realise , grasp and be part of the sizzling Israel fun life modern style :).

    Joseph.E @ Givatayim-Israel

  3. Without Israel agreeing internally what it wants to do -- no endgame is possible.

    For Israel to internally agree on anything, it needs a ideaologically strong and charistamtic leader; something Israel is severely lacking today.

    We have no outstanding leaders; not religiously and not politically. Every leader in Israel over the past 20 years has compromised their idealogy to pressures from a myriad of sources.

    Only once a strong and committed leader emerges, will we have any hope of rallying around him (her?), determining a unified agenda, and agreeing on an endgame plan.

    Till that day happens, we are bound to suffer the results of small minded, corrupt politicians (and IDF generals) who lack strategic vision.

    Jack's comment will only work when we have strong leadership (because the current leadership is too scared to take action, and dont even believe in our right to live here).

    Joseph's comment on aliya is always true (and important), yet the absence of leadership is our primary woe.

    פני הדור כפני הכלב
    ואין לנו על מי להישען אלה על אבינו שבשמים

  4. To my mind, the aliya point is clear and incontrovertible.

    The idea of raining fire from the sky, though, is naive. If we've learned one thing over the years, and particularly from Iraq as well as Lebanon (summer 2006), it's that a population that loves death doesn't get overwhelmed by the "Shock and Awe" approach. Just the opposite: They eat it up and come back for more, and you'll lose your stomach for it long before they will.

    And yes, Jameel, the leadership is a huge negative factor here.