Friday, March 18, 2011

Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

Thumbs Up - Great article:
Grant Hill's response to Jalen Rose

Basketball player Grant Hill's New York Times response to his rival Jalen Rose's documentary, "Fab Five", in which Hill was denigrated as an Uncle Tom.

Very good reading, and it made me think of the way Jews in one camp denigrate Jews in other camps, who haven't experienced life or Judaism their way.

Favorite line: My mother always says, “You can live without Chaucer and you can live without calculus, but you cannot make it in the wide, wide world without common sense.” As we get older, we understand the importance of these words.

And Thumbs Down - You've heard of Purim Torah, well, this must be Purim Activism - as in, activism so silly it's clearly self-parody:
Where are the women in the Maccabeats Video?

Among the most obvious problems:
- Complaining that a Purim video has an infant play Esther, even though it also features small children playing the other roles in the megillah.

-Criticizing that video because it features only adolescent males and small children (excuse the redundancy), even though it's made by an all-male acapella group. (Or is the complaint that Jews shouldn't have all-male acapella groups? I may have missed that.)

-But this gem of logic must be the best quote - If we can be modern enough to make a snazzy music video, can’t we also be disciplined enough not to reduce a woman to a sexual object when she ascends the podium? I'm missing something here, but I don't know what it is.

It actually reminds me of what Jalen Rose did to Hill in that documentary, come to think of it.

Enjoy the reading...


  1. You mean women couldn't be shown sharing the seudah? I wondered myself where the mothers of the babies were, to be honest.

  2. You know, guys can't win. Show them having fun without their kids, the get criticized for ignoring them.

    Show them with their kids, and the get it for not having the moms around.

    How about reading this whole situation as a bunch of young guys having fun with the music, astonished by their own viral fame, and wanting to show off their cute kiddies?

    (And wanting to stem the tide of drippy fan mail asking if they are available?)

  3. BB-
    Not at all, but it wasn't a video of a Purim seudah, it was a band video. Bands don't generally put their wives in their music videos.

    Anonymous 12:05 PM-
    Sounds good to me.

  4. I get that it wasn't the actual seudah.
    But wives would be at the actual seudah. That's what started the original comment, I bet. And why I wondered where the wives were.

  5. Of course you know that Josh Fogelson was ordained by R Avi Weiss at Yeshivat Chovevei Torah.

  6. If you "are disciplined enough to not reduce a woman to a sexual object," then why do you need women in the video? That's the only reason all-male bands put women in their videos - strictly for the sex appeal.

    I thought the videos were just fine as is, but then, as a woman, women don't have sexual appeal for me.