Friday, March 25, 2011

This happens to me in Jerusalem all the time

I love walking the streets of Yerushalayim, trying to get from Point A to Point B through side streets where I stumble upon shteiblach and kollelim, houses with interesting architecture, children at their games, sudden views of hills or skylines, streets named for fascinating people, and so on. A favorite is walking from the Central Bus Station to Rechavyah.

I often get turned around during these walks, and end up back where I started from. Streets curve back upon themselves counter-intuitively or run into dead ends, and sometimes it's just a matter of getting caught up in the scenery. Bottom line: I can certainly sympathize with the runners at the first Jerusalem Marathon this week:

J'lem Marathon ends in confusion; leaders run off course
The first-ever Jerusalem Marathon ended in some confusion on Friday as the three leading runners apparently took a wrong turn and arrived at the wrong finish line.

The first runner to arrive at the actual finish line was Kenyan Robert Cheruiyot with a time of 2:27:48, but later on Raymond Kipkoechh, 34, of Kenya was announced as the official winner with a time of 2:26:44 after apparently going off the course and arriving at the finish line of the half-marathon in a different location.

This would totally happen to me.


  1. That is actually really funny!!! and yet,like you, I am so not shocked:)Now that I think about it there are points in the rout that could have caused that confusion.

  2. I have enjoyed getting lost in Yerushalayim a few times. It has led to the discovery of some very interesting shops and people. It is my favorite city in the world, so I am usually happy wandering around it.

  3. That's why when you ask directions they will tell you "YASHAR."
    Streets wander,change names,and before you know it,as you say,you can be back where you started.It's like starting Breishis again each year-but look what you have learnt.
    We saw the beginning and ending of the race from our porch.

  4. daat y-
    Ah, but which ending did you see?

  5. Tough to tell-The street was not "yashar,"-)