Saturday, January 22, 2011

Satire Wire returns

I am thrilled that Satire Wire is back!

Ten years ago, Satire Wire had the best comedy on the Net - but then site-owner Andrew Marlatt quit. As he posted on the homepage, "Citing creative differences, SatireWire's founder and sole employee, Andrew Marlatt, announced in August of 2002 that the site would no longer be updated." And all I could do was read old posts like, "Gd names next Chosen People," "Remaining US CEOs make a break for it" and "Religious merger creates 900 Million HinJews", and wish The Onion could one day be as funny as Marlatt.

Well, now they're back! To check out two of their latest, go see US Apologizes for Biden's 'Hu's on first' routine and Tired of Favre, Gd Collapses Metrodome.


  1. Thanks for this! I was not looking for entertainment on the web 10 years ago (I think I may only JUST have figured out what WWW meant back then); so I wasn't aware of this blog. My day started out well, thanks to you. :-) Da"sh to the Rebbetzin.

  2. If you like satire, how about