Monday, July 30, 2012

President Obama Flip-Flops on Jerusalem

So Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney travels to Israel and proclaims that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, in line with an act of Congress going back nearly 20 years.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest responds:
"Well, our view is that that’s a different position than this administration holds. It’s the view of this administration that the capital is something that should be determined in final status negotiations between the parties."

But Earnest did not leave the point only at the idea of the parties themselves determining their borders consensually. Rather, he added that, "I’d remind you that that’s the position that’s been held by previous administrations, both Democratic and Republican. So if Mr. Romney disagrees with that position, he’s also disagreeing with the position that was taken by Presidents like Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan."

Sounds like President Obama disagrees with Mitt Romney. But if so, then why do we have video of him proclaiming, "Jerusalem will remain the capital of Israel, and it must remain undivided"?

Cue the video, Mr. Earnest:

Or how about, "And I continue to say that Jerusalem will be the capital of Israel. And I have said that before and I will say it again" - even though he also noted that these were "final status issues", he had no problem making the explicit declaration for which his surrogates now castigate the Republican.

More video, Mr. Earnest:

Oh, wait - That was 2008? When he was running for office? And speaking to a pro-Israel audience?

I see. Yes, that does explain a lot, doesn't it.


  1. This explains it:

    Obama is a liar and his shills are liars, too.

  2. Please don't be surprised or disappointed or mad if Romney (assuming he becomes POBUS) does exactly the same thing, just like Bush and Clinton did.

  3. Bob, Ben-
    I am under no illusions about Romney; I'm just offended by the outright hypocrisy from the President and his surrogates.
    In any case, Obama will win in November. Romney just doesn't have it.

  4. Romney doesn't need to have "it" if 50%+ voters in the right places see what's before their eyes.

  5. Also see:

  6. Every word that comes out of the president's mouth is a lie including "a" and "the." The reason Jews vote for him due to a general tradition of voting democratic and progressive.. This tradition started before the Democrats became anti-Semites.

  7. this more of an indictment against american jews, 78% of which are consumed with intellectual arrogance, and were mesmerized by obama's teleprompter reading.. worse yet, he'll probably get over 70% come november

  8. It's not a taynah on the current President. It's a taynah on numerous presidents who have made similar commitments only to backtrack. Canadian prime ministers as well, such as Joe Clark who famously backtracked on his embassy move promise once he got a talking to by the Saudis.

    President Clinton made a similar campaign promise. So did President George W Bush when he was campaigning. Is President Bush also a liar? An antisemite?

    This has ZERO to do with party affiliation. And zero to do with President Obama. While many excoriate the current President and find any opportunity for vile comments to vilify him, the reality is that this is a taynah not on President Obama, and not on the Democratic party, but on the public who seem to actually believe campaign rhetoric and make voting decisions based on campaign rhetoric be it promises to move the embassy, or the Ontario provincial Liberals who promise to close coal fired plants.

    The reality is not that President Obama is a liar (or a Communist, or an anti-Semite or a hater of America with a secret plan to destroy Israel and America) but that it is easy to make promises when campaigning while the demands and responsibilities of office are very different.

    Shame not on President Obama or President Bush or anyone else such as Romney whom I guarantee will not move the embassy if elected, but shame on the voters for believing campaign rhetoric time and time again.

    1. Melech-
      The point isn't the promise-making. The point is President Obama hypocritically accusing Mitt Romney of changing the position of administrations, etc, when he did the same thing four years ago.

  9. It's great that have these videos as evidence.

    I've subscribed to Ed Butowsky videos to get updates on the USA economy.