Tuesday, June 28, 2011

We Love rechovot.blogspot.com

I received the email below a few days ago:

from: Christie [omitted] christie@article-writing-services.org
to: torczyner@gmail.com
date: Fri, Jun 24, 2011 at 9:46 PM
subject: We Love rechovot.blogspot.com


My name is Christie from Article Writing Services. We have a client who would like to pay you for the opportunity to sponsor a blog post that you have recently written. We know that blogs can be expensive to run and our client would like the opportunity to support you in that endeavor.

In return our client is asking for one link that they specify placed into the body of the blog post (no porn or gambling). Feel free to contact me with any concerns or clarifications you may have.

If you would have any questions or would like to start the process, please email me at christie@article-writing-services.org so we can begin.

Christie [omitted]
Outreach Manager - Article Writing Services

I'm not sure which expensive blogs Outreach Manager Christie knows, but mine isn't terribly expensive. Blogger is free. My writing is free. I don't even erode pencil points writing drafts. One day my laptop's battery will run out, but I can't think that blogging is what will do that.

And who is this mysterious client, who wants to support me through Christie Outreach Manager? Would he be interested in supporting my learning, perhaps sponsoring a seder or two? A little Yissachar-Zevulun instead of Twain-Zevulun?

Oh - and why no gambling links? Are you saving the gambling links for the really good blogs, Christie Outreach Manager? The ones you really love?

Actually, Christie Outreach Manager reminds me of some of the clumsier Outreach Managers/kiruv professionals out there – the ones looking for quick-fix soul-saving, who will say "We Love You", "Torah Codes predicted the Knicks would pick Iman Shumpert", or "Gd is a penguin with green flippers" if that's what it takes to get to first base.

What do you know about me, Outreach Manager, that you could say you Love me already? How long have you been reading? And why are you saying the same thing to all of the other girls (just google "article writing services" for a decent selection) out there?

I'm tempted to write Christie Outreach Manager back, like some other bloggers have done, but there's really no time these days.


  1. My writing is free.

    Rabbi, I am here to give you a cyber kick in the tuchus. Your time and your writing are not free. You are a skilled professional who has taken your time and expertise to grow and cultivate a community of readers.

    Part of the attraction is that you provide it to us to read free of charge, but it is not really free.

    And it is appreciated.

  2. Christie's last name is omitted at the bottom, but it's still visible in the "from" line. (Not that it's so likely to be a real name, but if the intention was to leave it out...)

  3. Jack-
    Thanks, I'm honoured.

    Anonymous 3:24 AM-
    Thanks for catching that, duly edited - although I agree that this is most likely a pseudonym.

  4. Some outreach types will even PAY you by sending you to E"Y to learn.
    Very nice comparision.

  5. Got the exact same email today- it seems to be scam. Thank you for your blog.

  6. We got the same email today too. Glad you posted about it.