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Daf Yomi: Introduction to Chullin

In case anyone who is starting Daf Yomi with Chullin would like a quick overview, here is the Introduction sheet I plan to distribute to my shiur. You can also download it as a pdf here, and this may help; it doesn't quite look right on here.

Key mitzvot / laws


Mishneh Torah

Shulchan Aruch


Devarim 12:13-21

Hilchot Shechitah 1-4

Yoreh Deah 1-13, 17-27


Shemot 22:30

Vayyikra 17:15, 22:8

Hilchot Shechitah 3, 5-11

Yoreh Deah 29-60

Kosher creatures

Vayyikra 11; Devarim 14

Hilchot Maachalot Asurot 1-3

Yoreh Deah 79-86

Oto v'et Bno

[an animal and its young]

Vayyikra 22:28

Hilchot Shechitah 12

Yoreh Deah 16

Kisui haDam

[covering the blood]

Vayyikra 17:13

Devarim 12:16, 12:24, 12:27, 15:23

Hilchot Shechitah 14

Yoreh Deah 28

Gid haNasheh

[sciatic neurovascular bundle]

Bereishit 32:33

Hilchot Maachalot Asurot 8

Yoreh Deah 65

Chelev [Forbidden Fat]

Vayyikra 3:17, 7:23-25

Hilchot Maachalot Asurot 7

Yoreh Deah 64

Meat and Milk

Shemot 23:19, 34:26

Devarim 14:21

Hilchot Maachalot Asurot 9

Yoreh Deah 87-97

Eating Blood

Vayyikra 3:17, 7:26-27; 17:10-14, 19:26

Devarim 12:16, 12:23-25

Hilchot Maachalot Asurot 6-7

Yoreh Deah 66-78

Zroa, Lichayayim, Keivah

[chullin gifts for kohanim]

Devarim 18:3

Hilchot Bikurim 9

Yoreh Deah 61

Reishit haGez

[shearings for kohanim]

Devarim 18:4

Hilchot Bikurim 10

Yoreh Deah 333

Shiluach haKen

[sending away mother bird]

Devarim 22:6-7

Hilchot Shechitah 13

Yoreh Deah 292

The two vessels to be cut in shechitah (the simanim)

Kaneh = Trachea Veshet = Esophagus

The five principle disqualifications of the shechitah act

Hagramah (Veering); Ikur (Pulling); Chaladah (Burrowing); Derasah (Pressing); Shehiyah (Pausing)

The digestive tract of a bird (http://www.backyardnature.net/birdguts.htm)

Digestive Tract (in order)







The digestive tract of a ruminant (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ruminant)

Digestive Tract (in order)





Keres haPnimi

כרס הפנימי


Beit haKosot

בית הכוסות







Small intestine



Masechet Chullin, Chapter by Chapter

1: HaKol Shochtin

Shocheit; Knife; The act of shechitah; Thought during shechitah; Safek & Chazakah; Melikah; Tumat Kelim

2: HaShocheit

The site of shechitah; The act of shechitah; Shechitah of a dying animal; Thought during shechitah

3: Elu Treifot

Treifot; How psak works; Creation; Signs of kosher birds; Signs of kosher eggs; Signs of kosher locusts; Signs of kosher fish; Crawling creatures

4: Beheimah haMekashah

Defining birth; Defining a fetus; Ben Pekuah; Treifot; Shilya

5: Oto v'et Bno

Oto v'et Bno; Koy; Separate korbanot for separate sins

6: Kisui haDam

Kisui haDam; Mitzvot that override Shabbat and Yom Tov; Status of improper shechitah; Humility

7: Gid haNasheh

Gid haNasheh; Exaggeration; Yaakov and the angel; Yosef's dreams; The world's tzaddikim; Noachide laws; Chelev; Deception; Ever min haChai; Issur chal al issur; Basar shenitalem min ha'ayin; Nichush; Bitul; Kulya

8: Kol haBasar

Meat and poultry and milk; Hand-washing; Absorption of taste; Bitul; Udders; Blood; Heart; Liver; Salting; Pickling; Issurei hanaah; Stomach

9: Ha'Or vehaRotev

Meat and tumat ochlin; Types of tumah for animal parts

10: HaZroa vehaLechayyayim

Matnot kehunah from animals; Giving the matnot aniyyim

11: Reishit haGez

Reishit haGez; Partnership in mitzvah obligations; Matnot kehunah from tereifot

12: Shiluach haKen

Shiluach haKen; "Tzippor" in Torah; The reward for mitzvot

Helpful websites and sefarim (note: I am not endorsing the contents of any shiur/sefer)

Audio daf shiurim on Chullin (note: I have not actually listened to these shiurim)

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  1. Thanks, this looks like a really great resource.

    I'm intimidated by Chullin, especially as I'll be travelling during the first few weeks of the massechet so I wont have the benifit of my regular shiur. I printed out you sheet to keep in the back of my gemara, hopefully it'll help.

    BTW - if you want to add another audio shiur to your list of websites, I really love Rav Matis' shiurim: