Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tribute to Stephen Harper

In honor of Stephen Harper's victory in Canada's federal elections yesterday (Yes, Canada has a government, and elections...), and the majority his Conservative Party now holds in Parliament, here's a re-run of my tribute to Harper from last November:

Who is Stephen Harper, anyway?

Stephen Harper is the prime minister of Canada. I don’t blame you for asking, though; when I moved to Canada I barely knew this country had a prime minister at all, and I couldn’t have told you his name for all the loonies in the world. But there it is – Stephen Harper is the head of Canada’s Conservative Party, and he runs the government, and here’s why I am paying tribute to him:

Stephen Harper defends Israel, on November 8:

In a country with a large and vocal anti-Israel lobby, Harper has nothing to gain from this stance. And as he said in the speech above, he has the bruises to show for his history of support of Israel in the UN; as Israel Matzav wrote last month, Canada lost its shot at a UN Security Council seat because of its support for Israel. So I salute this man for his courage.

I’m glad to note that Harper’s speech did not go unnoticed in the Jblogosphere; here are a few of those who blogged it:
Ruti Mizrachi
We are for Israel
Jewish Internet Defense Force
Israel Matzav
The Jerusalem Connection Report

Thank you, Prime Minister Harper!...

...And now, where will Alec Baldwin go when he doesn't like things in the US?


  1. It'll be interesting to watch the landscape for the next 4 years.
    The Liberals will dump Iggy but by tradition their next leader has to be French and that cupboard's bare.
    The NDP's surge has resulted in 60% of their MP's being from Quebec which means that to keep them happy they'll have to become a sovereigntist party which will cost them votes in the Rest of Canada.
    The Conservatives are sitting pretty but Harper has no heir apparent if he ever wants to retire.
    So what'll be in 4 years?

  2. A true friend.
    Are there really any others?

  3. Garnel-
    I'm kind of hoping for Mashiach within Harper's new term...

    Daat y-