Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Evening of Tribute - June 13

I never advertise products on this blog, not even with Google Ads, and I have avoided putting up posts that simply advertise a particular shiur or event; I just don't like the flavor that comes with having that on a blog. But I'm posting the following ad because the cause is important to me – it's about hakaras hatov (expressing gratitude) to the avreichim who have been with our kollel in Toronto for the past two years and who are now "graduating", and it's about hakaras hatov to Rav Azarya Berzon, who has been my co-rosh kollel for these two inaugural years:

Thank Gd, our kollel has provided more than 1500 shiurim for the community over the past two years, published more than 70 issues of "Toronto Torah" to twenty shuls in the community, learned with more than 60 community chavrusos each week, uploaded more than 1000 audio shiurim to YUTorah.org and more than 100 video shiurim to koshertube.com, and so on. And all along, we have done it while representing the Torah and ideals of our parent organizations, Yeshiva University and Torah miTzion. We don't charge for our Torah, but this is an opportunity to recognize what our hard-working members have done.

If you are able to come, the fee is $90 per attendee. There are sponsorship opportunities available as well.

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