Wednesday, November 9, 2016

"Brought to you by..."

A few people have tried to console me post-election by noting that Jewish tradition credits G-d as the coronator of kings, הממליך מלכים.

Somehow, though, I find little comfort in the idea that Donald Trump is brought to you by the Maker of Pharaoh, Nevuchadnezzar and Titus...


  1. As I said the day before the election, the real challenge is to answer the question, can America be a unified force for good in the world (or can America view itself as one nation indivisible)?
    There’s an old adage – the hearts of kings and officers are in God’s hands (IIRC it may be the Ralbag explaining how Pharoh’s free will was taken away) BUT we still have to do our hishtadlut (human effort) and that’s what we will be judged by.
    Joel Rich

  2. It's been awhile. I'm worried, too, but power changes people, scares some of them. He seems like all bark, no bite.

    1. Good to hear from you! And glad to hear you're an optimist.