Monday, November 30, 2015

Preparing for Shabbos

A simple question, but it matters to me; I've been thinking about it for the past few weeks. I'd be happy to hear responses from the few people who are kind enough to visit my largely defunct blog:

What is your favourite part of preparing for Shabbos?

I ask because there is so much that is challenging and stressful about getting ready for Shabbos, and it can make the experience miserable. Perhaps looking for favourite parts might help?


  1. I enjoy cooking good foods, and anticipating enjoying them with other people who will appreciate them.

    I enjoy finding divrei Torah and committing them to memory/paper, anticipating sharing them with other people who will appreciate them.

    Tangentially related:

  2. Preparing the Shabbat candles for my wife.

  3. Thanks for your answers! For me, polishing shoes and opening the wine come to mind. Preparing the candles, too.

  4. My treat is less of a preparation and more of a mindset. My favorite part of erev shabbos is walking out my door to mincha. it is at that point when time stops-all preparations and work issues from the week end and my 25 hours of "vacation" begin.