Sunday, June 2, 2013

Family Photo

This old family photo resurfaced recently; it is believed to come from the retirement party of my great-uncle, Professor Naftali (Harry) Tur-Sinai, from Hebrew University.

The professor is not actually in this photo. Instead, we have Israel's President Zalman Shazar (2nd from left, back to the camera) and Prime Minister David Ben Gurion (center). Further to the right, turning to the camera, is my paternal grandfather.

On the left, partially obscured, is a cousin of my father, and on the right side, half in the picture, is my cousin Jacques Torczyner, about whom I wrote here upon his passing this past March.

As I've noted on this blog a few times, reflected glory shouldn't mean a whole lot. But it does teach us that we are part of a continuum, and I see great value in that.


  1. Shalom RosenfeldJune 3, 2013 at 12:23 AM

    I understand the need to Hebraicize, but how did "Torczyner" become "Tur-Sinai"?

    (I suppose the same way "Steinzaltz" became "Even Yisrael"; sounds so much more meaningful than "Even-Melach.")

  2. Indeed. Tur Sinai being Aramaic for Har Sinai, it would have considerable meaning, particularly for a Semitic Languages expert...