Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Squirrel at the Seder

I'm sure you've heard the old story about the bees going to the bar mitzvah [they need to wear yarmulkas so they aren't mistaken for Wasps].

Well, here's a new one: The squirrel at a seder!

Backstory: Our family eats leftover matzah all year round, but last week we decided to make room for our Pesach 5773 leftovers by disposing of the three pounds we still have from Pesach 5771. As an experiment, we put some out for the birds [to use as nest material if not food] - and landed this squirrel. He seems to has a taste for the unleavened, even though these pieces became soggy in a morning rain...


  1. We had a squirrel come in to our Sukkah with some food one year! And a bat flew into shul during ma'ariv once.

  2. A hassidic-leaning friend was sitting in the sukkah when an owl started chasing him around the sukkah. He ran inside and his wife said "take of the shtreimel!" He doffed it and returned to the sukkah -- the owl no longer saw the giant mouse so it left him alone.

    What about the synagogue that decided to give all its termites bar mitzvahs? "It will guarantee we'll never see them here again."

    I think Rabbi Slifkin keeps warning people that matza is not healthy pet food ... tell that to the squirrel.

  3. Daniel-
    Now, that's a good guest, bringing food to the succah!

    Well, we'll see if the squirrel comes back from more, but so far 1.5 pounds have disappeared.

  4. > even though these pieces became soggy in a morning rain...

    Well this answers the old debate in Maseches Bubbe Maaseh and brought down in the Minchas Pinchas as to whether squirrels eat gebrocht or not.

    1. Garnel-
      How do you know this squirrel isn't some random meikil?