Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A most moving video for the Ten Days of Repentance

We split our repentance process between two tiers, one our religious relationship with G-d and the other our personal relationship with our people. The following video speaks to both tiers:

1. It calls to me as a son to think about what my parents did for me;

2. It calls to me as a father to be that kind of parent for my children;

3. It calls to me as a human being to think about what Gd does for me.

Here it is; maybe you can watch this without tearing up, but I can't... (if you are very short on time, skip the first minute)


  1. Yeah, I teared up. Just wrote the word "sparrow" on our dry-erase board on the fridge. Thank you so much for posting this.

  2. Ruti, Katz, Neil-
    Thanks! I'm glad it has been as meaningful for others as it was for me.

  3. just gives me more charata for ruining my children

  4. Anonymous 4:15 PM-
    "ruining" is a pretty strong word...