Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Of Wikileaks and Gilad Schalit

Two brief thoughts this morning:

Wikileaks: An Arm of US government policy?
That's a little sensationalist, but here's my point: The US government has a new pretext for measures against Iran, because Iranian agents sought to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the US, and Saudi royal advisor, Adel al-Jubeir.

One logical explanation for the Iranian move: The fact that Adel al-Jubeir is on record telling US government officials, "He [the king of Saudi Arabia] told you to cut off the head of the snake," and more. Those statements only became public because Wikileaks disclosed it - triggering Iranian outrage and, quite plausibly, the botched assassination attempt.

And now the US and the Saudis are contemplating action...

The release of Gilad Schalit
We've been praying for Gilad Schalit's continued health, and ultimate release, for five years, and it looks like our prayers for his health have been answered, and our prayers for his ultimate release are about to come to fruition as well, thank Gd.

Of course, much human effort went into both of those - but the fact that we pray for these results is evidence of our belief that all comes from Gd.

If so: Perhaps our shuls, schools and community organizations should plan "thanksgiving" events of some kind, sort of a "birkat hagomeil", in honor of Gilad Schalit's release? If we ask, do not also say Thank You?


  1. What about the release of multi-terrorists as ransom? If this "Get Out of Jail Free" card does not encourage more kidnapping and terrorism, what would?

  2. I share RBM's fears.

    As for how to celebrate... How about a pair of thanksgiving festivals, back-to-back? The first one could be about a week, followed by a second one with lots of dancing and stuff?

    Seriously, if I'm supposed to say qinos for the Sho'ah on Tish'ah beAv, shouldn't I (lehavdil) thank the Creator for more recent gifts on Sukkos? Isn't that the whole jist of making the calendar relevant?

  3. Bob-
    Without a doubt, that is scary. While I know the halachic back-and-forth, I can't understand how people can implement it.
    That said, it doesn't minimize my joy for his release.

    R' Micha-
    Sounds good to me, but we do have ample precedent for celebrating gifts from HaShem when they happen. I don't wait to recite HaGomeil until the nearest Yom Tov.

  4. I didn't mean in general. In this case, Sukkos is only a few hours later...

    Perhaps the Author of history timed the agreement just so that we could take this joy into Sukkos.