Monday, October 11, 2010

Talk amongst yourselves

This week's Haveil Havalim is available here, which is a good thing, because I am too mentally drained to blog at the moment.

I was fortunate to be able to attend a beautiful wedding in Allentown on Sunday - mazal tov! - but the trip was incredibly draining. 3+ hours to Farmington, NY after Shabbos, then another 4+ hours to Allentown on Sunday morning, then the wedding, then 5+ hours back to Buffalo last night, capped with 2 hours to Toronto this morning to catch the 7:30 Canadian Thanksgiving minyan.

(What's Canadian Thanksgiving, you ask? Me, too. I read this, and I still don't quite get it. But that's okay; today is Columbus Day in the States, and I can't figure that one out, either. How do you "discover" a country where millions of people live?)

I heard all sorts of blogworthy items on the radio as I drove - the Rangers' victory over the Sabres; 60 Minutes interviews with Nelson Mandela and Marshall Mathers (Eminem) as well as inane piece by Andy Rooney; a report on Canadian Thanksgiving with Weird Al's "Eat It" playing in the background (I kid you not); a show on John Lennon's post-Beatles career and message; and more. [I don't listen to shiurim while driving; generally, the result is either that I don't pay attention to the shiur or I don't pay attention to the road.]

And the wedding itself was blogworthy; it was wonderful to be back home, and hard to leave.

But I'm just tapped out right now from the impact of the long drive. So feel free to comment here, or go read Haveil Havalim, or click on a blog in my sidebar, or search for old posts. I hope to be pack to posting in a day or two.


  1. Side note- I like Canadian money- feels like I am playing Monopoly.

  2. Last I checked, the Canadian dollar was worth more than US. Not that it matters. No one takes your money seriously if you call it 'loonies and toonies'.

  3. Jack-
    I know what you mean. The shift in US policy to include other colors in the bill formerly known as a Greenback has been disheartening.