Monday, March 9, 2009

Purim Post I: Kosher Beer Guide

The Kosher Beers blog has performed a great service for the kosher-consuming, Purim-observing community, posting a Kosher Beer Guide in honor of Purim.

Note that, as I said here, I don't favor a heavy drinking approach on Purim, and I am very against drinking in the presence of children on Purim.

Further, I don't really like beer. Dark, light, calories, no calories, malty or oaky or hoppy or imported or domestic or whatever... to me, it's all just cheap alcohol.

But for those seeking a good beer for a moderate drink at the seudah, go see the guide here.

We generally assume that unflavored beers are kosher, but please note that:
1) Beers might be flavored without clear advertisement of that fact, and
2) There are kosher flavored beers.
So see the list here.

I hope to get to Purim Post II later today... apparently, a major Jewish organization has now decided to outlaw the rabbinic sermon for Shabbat mornings. More to come, if I can clear the time.


  1. " it's all just cheap alcohol"

    ah, so you like the expensive stuff.

  2. Yes, but does your brother have a solution for Kosher for Passover beer? ;-}

  3. former allentownerMarch 9, 2009 at 3:33 PM

    one of my best memories of my time in allentown was being taught all about single malt scotch!

    the community definitely wasn't beer drinkers.

  4. LoZ-
    Other than an occasional Scotch if someone has a yahrtzeit, no. And I just found out that is illegal in the Commonwealth of PA, which is going to kill any diversity from my Shabbos kiddush wine.

    Try asking him; if anyone knows about it, he does.

    There are some, but they tend to be the younger crowd. I've been mulling doing a Kosher Beer Tasting.