Tuesday, January 20, 2009

An award? For moi?

Leora, of Here in Highland Park, has chosen to honor The Rebbetzin’s Husband with the Premio Dardos award. Per her description:

The Prémio Dardos is given for recognition of cultural, ethical, literary, and personal values transmitted in the form of creative and original writing. These stamps were created with the intention of promoting fraternization between bloggers, a way of showing affection and gratitude for work that adds value to the Web.

I am happily flabbergasted. Cultural, ethical, literary and personal values… and here I thought I was just talking about whatever was on my mind and in my life at the time. A little ranting, a little fun, a little whining, and a little Torah. And presto!

Okay, so it’s not like this is the Academy or the Nobel committee, but it’s rewarding to have someone say, “Good job,” especially when that someone is a blogger whose work you also respect. So thanks, Leora!

Now I have to decide upon whom I might bestow this award. That will require thought – not because of whom I might include, but because of whom I might unintentionally exclude. I rarely read any blogs, but there are many I enjoy reading when I can make the time. How could I give this to only a few?

On a separate note, I fried my home computer last night.

It was a foolish thing, all my fault. I read about the liquidation sales at Circuit City, and I’ve needed more RAM for a while, so I went out and picked up a unit. Bad move – it wasn’t compatible, or at least it didn’t fit right in the slot.

Being a stubbornly happy-go-lucky guy, though, and knowing that all sales were final, I thought I would see if maybe it might really be compatible after all. Who knows - maybe the fact that it doesn’t look like a good fit is more because I don’t understand the way it’s supposed to be fit, right? Why not? What could go wrong?

Well, the computer wouldn’t start. So I took the new RAM out… and the computer still wouldn’t start. It powers up, checks CD-ROM drives, then stalls in some kind of waiting mode. The monitor thinks it’s in Power Save mode, keyboard and mouse not activated.

So I tried various experiments, and I think it’s the old RAM unit. I did ground myself before starting, but I must have discharged static at some point anyway, or mis-handled the old RAM in some way.

So I’ve ordered new RAM, and have to wait for it. This is frustrating; I don’t wait well. Too many projects, and they depend on information I have stored on that computer. I did back up my system last month, thank Gd, but I am not about to unpack it on another computer, not when I can just wait two days.

So the projects are in limbo, and I’m spending more time on my shul computer. Frustrating, but it’s my own fault for being stubborn. I love being stubborn, but, boy, is it a pain sometimes.


  1. You are most welcome. You are always gracious in how you respond to comments; the tone of the blog is welcoming.

    Good luck with computer issues. Argh.

  2. Thank you very much... and I hope to resolve the computer issues soon...